How to Use Bulk Serger Thread in a Normal Sewing Machine

Your a hard core hobby or business seamstress but you don’t have a serger yet.  You walk into the sewing store looking the best quality, largest quantity, rolls of thread you can find that will fit into your normal quilting machines bobbin holder.  You are disappointed to find that the most you can get on a single bobbin for your machine is 1000 yards of thread,… and it costs $7-$8 freaking dollars!  You shift around the thread aisle hoping to find a better deal and find some nice bulk serger thread  (3000 yards for 1/3 the price =D ) , but wait it won’t fit in your machine and you don’t own one of those fancy serger thread stands.

No worries, there is a super universal and easy fix for your dilemma.

1.  Find a nice smooth coffee mug.

2.  Place your bulk serger thread in the coffee mug with the narrower side facing up. (like a normal serger thread position)

3. Place the cup with the thread behind your machine and to the right side (might be different if you have a left hand specific machine).

4.  Pull the thread up over a spot on the top of your machine where it is unlikely to move from (you may have to get creative, see pictures below)

5.  Thread your machine like normal, the bobbin should stay in place for you while you work.

Notes:  I found that this technique didn’t work as well with button holing, a stronger bobbin thread should be required, as this method put a little extra strain on the thread.  Also this becomes difficult if you are working on larger sewing projects like cloaks or larger dresses as the coffee mug can get moved around by larger piles of fabric.

how to use bulk serger thread in a normal quilting machine

Thread in cup, behind machine on right side

sewing tutorial

Thread lacing over an indented space on the top of my machine

sewing machine tutorial quilting machine

And there you go! Just about every thread company makes a bulk serger option. If you are new to sewing and aren't sure which companies make good thread, I use "gutermann thread" when ever I can, yes it is more expensive than other brands on the racks,.. but seriously trust me, nothing is worse than working with shitty thread.


~ by sageofthetrades on January 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “How to Use Bulk Serger Thread in a Normal Sewing Machine”

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  2. […] Here are some ideas for making a thread stand: CD case Coat hanger and pencil in a block of wood Coffee mug Jar and a hook on the sewing […]

  3. Thank you MJ, it works pretty well when the thread is strong.

  4. Cool idea! The photos turned out really great too!

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