Corset Project Continued

After three days of wearing the corset I have decided to make a couple of adjustments to my wearing schedule.

Before I started this project I measured at 5’8″ tall and I had a natural waist size of 30″.  I started noticing right away that each morning when I laced up, the corset was lacing tighter everyday.  By day three my waist was around five inches pulled and it didn’t feel any different than the days before.  There was two things I could noticeably feel in my body, and that was the slow shifting of my ribs changing to accommodate the shape of the corset and my posture significantly strengthening with the forced repositioning from the corset.

So everything so far is working as planned though maybe a lot faster than I had anticipated.  I have decided to start an every other day schedule for the corset so that I do not experience to much change to quickly in my body.  I will update on the progress again soon!

Purple black white plaid corset corsets boned waist tightening steel cute

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~ by sageofthetrades on October 27, 2010.

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