Cold Care Tea Recipe

It is late fall and everyone I know has been getting ill or fighting off illness.  At least two illnesses have swept through Portland this fall already but no one in my house hold has succumbed to the illnesses yet.  I have a tea recipe that I started using last year from garden gathered herbs.  I found that when taking it when I felt that I was coming down with something I would either kick the cold or have mild symptoms for 4 days.

As a science respecting individual I will not promise that this recipe will work, I do not even know why it works all that I can promise you is that every individual I have introduced this recipe to has successfully fought off their cold or had very mild symptoms.  I know that some of the ingredients are know to have a calming effect which may help the body relax and more successfully fight things off.

Sharmony Tea:

1 part dried and shredded sage leaf

1 part dried borage flowers

1 part dried and shredded sweet basil leaf

1 part dried chamomile flowers

1 part dried calendula petals and stamens (strands that make up the flowers dark center)

1/2 part dried and shredded spearmint leaf


Once all of these ingredients have dried thoroughly mix them together and jar them for later use.  When you make this tea, give it ten minutes to infuse with the water and then add a little honey if you would like to though it is not necessary for the taste of this tea. (Honey is extremely good for the throat though so if you are fighting a cold this could be a very good decision.)

I usually have a metal tea ball that I pack and use for making this tea, if you don’t know what I am talking about here is a picture:

Tea Strainer ball cold care fever helper

Tea Ball

Finished and Jarred Tea:

soothing cold care tea healthy remedie remedy warm sweet home made recipe

Finished Tea

You may not need to know or be a gardener to make this tea, many Co-op grocery stores have thorough herb sections that should hold most if not all of these ingredients, I have not tried making this tea with store bought ingredients though, so you would be trying something new.

Have an uneventful flu season, folks! 😉



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