Practice what you preach, or… something like that (Corsets)

I have now been making corsets of different kinds for about 6 years and having finished creating my first corset design this year (and putting them in my shop) I realize that I haven’t worn any of these corsets for more than an hour.  Well thats not good!, I have to know what some one should expect from wearing my corsets for long spans of time.  So I have decided it is time to practice what I preach,.. or at least what I sell.   I am going to start the experiment of wearing my corset design from morning to dusk everyday and I will likely be blogging about how it feels along the way.

I am not only doing this experiment for the benefit of knowing my corsets better.  I have long had issues with my posture do to mild scoliosis and I have always considered getting a corset for medical purposes.

Many women and men have used corsets from more than just fashionable wear in history and present time, the most general uses are these forms of body modification.

-Back and posture support.  Often corsets have been used to better train back posture (as they naturally enforce it) and they have also been used for back support (especially for those who have had back injuries)

-Waist Training and Thinning: Corsets while making the waist thin while worn, can also train permanent (or semi-permanent) thinning around the waist to create more shape.

I am not personally interested in thinning my waist more though in might end up being a slight side effect to my experiment, I am most interested in the back posturing that it will provide me.


First Evening


I started last night on the corset and it was very comfortable while I was up and walking around I could visibly see a lift in my posture and I could feel that lift as well.  It was not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be to have it on for several hours.  Being a corset it was a little harder to do bending motions and I also found it uncomfortable to sit on the bed with my back propped up by pillows and my legs out.  The best positions seemed to be sitting in a chair or up and walking around.  This is interesting to me because these are likely the best positions to encourage better posture.  It is like the corset is blowing a whistle at me every time I try and do something that requires more slouching.

I decided to try and wear it at night too and found this to be extremely uncomfortable after several hours.  I woke up in the middle of the night and asked Sean to remove it.  Lets face you have to relax at some point, so I will be getting good sleep without a corset on at night.

Overall this corset thing seems like it will work out, it is comfortable to wear in most activities I do and after only a few hours of wear I can already notice how it is helping!

Body Modification Corset Plaid Black Purple

Click the Image to go to my store where you can see my other corsets. I am keeping this one.

I will keep you guys and gals posted on the progress.



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