I wrote this poem a long time ago.  Today I thought it would be fun to try and outfit the intermissions with images I have taken over the years.  So between every section is a picture I took of the landscapes I have seen (Though the last picture was taken of me by someone else).


Water trickles in,
among the weathered rocks,
and I cannot stop its coming…

I woke up from silent slumber,
the oceans ebbing lullaby of grinding earth.
Getting louder, stronger

silence of the mind,

remain silent.

And so I did until the waters crept in,
to softly remind me of life.
And life was realized,
remain alive.

Hands, arms, shoulders, back,
hips, knees, legs, feet,

Learn to crawl in sand.

Learning to walk on stones,
like glass.
With out protection,
you learn to tread carefully.

Safe, sharp, unsure,
how much risk?

A young girl falls in love,
with anything she wants.
Flowers, birds, trees,
a beautiful ocean.

A young girl loves a man,
he hurts her regularly,
and she treads on heavy stones,
like bare feet upon the rocky shores.

Tread carefully,
don’t speak.

A finger slides against the dam
grazing it softly
picking softly at its edges
but enough to peel it free,
and the blood rushes forward once again.

A scar forms
with the ebb and the flow
like stones ground smooth
the body remembers the grinding
the body chooses to scar.

Remember something
sand, stones ground smooth, wet,

oceans like blood.

hands, face, eyes

tears like blood.

Remember something
salty winds, a bird, a drop of rain
and stones, water, sand
a breath exhaled,

somewhere in between.



A girl was born
and she asked for nothing more
than any other child.



A woman found herself by the ocean,
trying to hold on to something.
Trying to find a place
between the water, earth, and sky.



~ by sageofthetrades on September 18, 2010.

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